How to explain the rise of blackjack

How to explain the rise of blackjack, this card game that appeared in the early thirties in the United States? Several reasons for this growing success which has seen the development of online blackjack sitesin Canada; Blackjack allows you to play cards and win money easily, provided you know the basic rules, which are fairly simple to master. The game can be played alone against a casino, either at the blackjack table or on a virtual casino site. The player faces the croupier whom he must beat by having a higher card value without ever exceeding the number 21 (we say then that he “jumps” or that he “falls”). Each player is given 2 cards and the dealer only one. It is then a question of deciding whether or not you want to increase the value of your cards by drawing as many times as necessary without taking the risk of exceeding 21 The majority of online betting sites offer blackjack with rules similar to those practiced in casinos. Like any other game, blackjack has rules that must be followed. For more information on rules, The Blackjack online gamehas a considerable advantage over its traditional counterpart: the stakes can be very low, which allows you to learn without too much risk. It is even possible to play for free, that is to say with virtual tokens, to be able to learn the main strategies that should be known to have chances of winning. Online blackjack sites compete in ingenuity to remain attractive and retain their players: frequent promotions, free chips, customer support, simplified rules and sometimes even in-game bonuses. Why deprive yourself of an opportunity to earn money while having fun? Shy players won’t have to compete with green carpet partners like in casinos, and can indulge themselves comfortably in front of their screen or smartphone. In addition, free online blackjack sites are secure and offer the same payment guarantees as traditional casinos. The hardest part is just finding the right site for you.