Eva Longoria Shows GQ Mexico She’s Still Got It

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Prime-time super-babe Eva Longoria recently did a spread for GQ Mexico, and it hasn’t been same south of the border ever since. The classy erotica is warm and well shot, featuring Longoria in a black little number, high heels and little else.

Since joining the cast of ABC’s nighttime soap opera semi-farce Desperate Housewives, actress Eva Longoria has been on the minds of men across the globe. And with good reason – she’s a stunner.

Since 2004, Longoria has wowed us with her amazing looks, smoking hot body and eyes that can melt butter. She’s exotic, yet American to the core. Mexican-American, actually.

Eva was also a bit older than the usual sex-symbol sensation when she burst onto the scene halfway through last decade, which gave her an immediate air of class and distinction. When the term cougar comes to mind, Longoria is soon to follow (sorry Courteney Cox).

Oh, and she can act, too.

While some use their beauty and star power for nefarious purposes – talking to you LiLo – Longoria, a Hispanic-American, uses her hot arsenal to persuade men to give to charitable causes (she started a foundation). She’s also been quite vocal in her support for the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama in particular.

And Eva’s pretty damn smart too. The leggy looker scored a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. What was her major? Kinesiology. Yeah, I had to look it up too. I means the study of the movement of humans – strength and conditioning, biomechanics – all that stuff.

But before she was Desperate she was Restless. That’s right, before hitting it big in prime time, the American actress was one of stars of the CBS daytime soap opera The Young And The Restless. That run lasted three years.

Which is one longer than her first marriage to soap actor Tyler Christopher. He second marriage to pro basketballer Tony Parker lasted a bit longer (4 years). What does all of this mean? Well, first, she’s single again (yeah!). Second, she likes good-looking successful guys (imagine that) so get cracking if you want to ever get a shot.

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  • Brandon

    Eva was my favorite Desperate Housewife, along side Terri Hatcher, whom I have loved for a Very long time. Can’t find enough of either of them on the ‘net

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