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Cuddling Positions That Will Turn Her On

Image by: pedrosimoes7
By Bobby Williams

Body contact is the ultimate stimulation technique to foreplay. Girls go crazy over it – and some guys like it also. Our skin sends signals to our brain and triggers that parts which elude protection, love, and sex. To each person, the levels are different since our bio rhythms vary from in biological patterns.

In a less scientific definition… women get hot when we cuddle. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they cuddle which is why we need to step up our game in the cuddling department. What do you want to tell your girlfriend? The cuddling language is a complete translation to one’s affection for the other, and women base it on an emotional level.

What we need to understand is that human beings are animals. We forget that we have invisible antennas that transfer information without speaking. Since we have so many methods of communicative understanding (written, vocal inflections, body language, facial expressions, etc.), we often forget that we have a basic energetic language.


This happens when two people are back-to-stomach, one usually being the “top” while the other is the “bottom”. The man is usually the top since he represents dominance and protection. Women love to sleep while spooning, because it makes them feel important and protected which over time, allows her trust to build. It’s one of the very best cuddling positions in our opinion.

When a man spoons, the unspoken language is that we are protecting whatever it is we are spooning, i.e women and remote controls. In the early stages of a relationship, spooning is a common occurrence. The trust is still strong and as the relationship ages, so does the gap between your bodies.

If a woman is feeling anxious, worried or stressed out, this position always comes in handy. In fact, most of the time she will grab your arms and instigate the spooning session when something is bothering her. Don’t relinquish the power though. When she becomes the top, it can mean that she has control issues. and is dependent on your affection. Watch out.

“The Royal Hug”

The royal hug is when you are lying on your back as she lays fetal position beside you. This is a way of showing her submission for you. You have all the control and she likes it. When she rests her head on your chest or stomach, she is trying to say that you have power, but she will still make her own decisions.

Patti Wood, an expert at body language who has been featured in Esquire, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and much more, says that when a women is laying on her back, she is showing that she has control. Chances are, she is going to be a bit of a pistol to handle since both of you will be fighting for control in the relationship. Effective cuddling positions aren’t supposed to work that way, to say the least.

Here’s a tip: if both of you like to lay on your back, put your arm around her. This way you’re sending the message that both of you are in control of your lives, yet you still are the protector. You are showing respect to the fact she is independent, but will always fight for her well being. This will turn her on.

“The Honeymoon Hug”

This means just what it sounds like. When two people are facing each other intimately with some minor body part (usually legs or an arm) intertwined. This shows the desperation for connection which is why it usually begins when you begin to have sex. Women want to feel like they are wanted. Pull her to you with your hand on her waist and show her your willingness to connect. This will let her know that you are really into her and she will feel the need to please you.


This has the potential to be everyone’s favorite cuddling technique. It’s all in the tease. The smallest touch will make them want more, and since it’s a little at a time, it will only heighten the urge. It can happen at dinner, in bed, watching TV, everywhere. It shows that you want space, but still want sex.

The footsie game drives a woman crazy. If she doesn’t like feet (which a lot of women don’t), use your hands. The idea here is just to touch without giving too much away. It’s playful, fun and let’s her know that you’re thinking about her. A light touch can do wonders for the body since the electric current is contagious within all of us and sends waves to our molecular structure.