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14 Of The Most Extremely Entertaining Anime Characters Whom Enjoy Game Titles

14 Of The Most Extremely Entertaining Anime Characters Whom Enjoy Game Titles

Certainly one of the best video gaming of all of the time is Halo. a person that is first for Xbox, with scores of supporters global.

It is additionally among the biggest game titles of them all.

If you’d prefer game titles, spent my youth playing them or perhaps you nevertheless do, you’ll have the ability to relate. And just what better method to connect than through a small number of anime characters who will be additionally gamers?

Listed below are 12 characters that are anime mentioning.

14 characters that are anime Like Video Gaming:

1. Katsuragi Keima (The Planet Jesus Just Understands)

You can’t mention anime gamers without contemplating Katsuragi Keima. He’s one of the more devoted anime characters of all of the right time, with regards to video video video gaming.

Katsuragi includes a collection that is massive of games. From FPS, strategy, to sims that are dating lots more. With dating sims being the essential typical form of game he’s enthusiastic about playing.

The whole world Jesus just understands is a harem series, just in case you didn’t understand. And a surprisingly good one, considering lots of people are therefore typical.

2. Karen Tendo (Gamers)

Karen Tendou is certainly one of those girls whom through the looking that is outside, appears too fancy and prissy become judged as a gamer. Specially perhaps maybe maybe not really a hardcore one by stereotypical requirements.

But that’s exactly just exactly what she’s… a hardcore gamer with angry abilities, yo. 😉

And though she spends great deal of the time video video gaming, she’s disciplined. Just committing by by by herself to video video video video gaming after caring for her priorities.

Or at least that’s her typical routine into the rom com show: Gamers.

3. Konata Izumi (Happy Celebrity)

Kanata Izumi could be the queen of Otaku’s within the global realm of anime.