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Today bringing you yesterday’s news from Japan and Asia.

Today bringing you yesterday’s news from Japan and Asia.

Nine reasons some Japanese women *only* date guys that are foreign

Now, you’re most likely knowledgeable about the label of Western dudes moving to Japan to generally meet females. It’s a nasty stereotype…with a couple of grains of truth to it, we suppose. But at the very least we can now sleep effortless knowing it is a street that is two-way because you will find lots of Japanese girls who just date Western males.

In the event that you occur to have lots of Japanese buddies, you might have met a couple of ladies having a penchant for non-Japanese men. Although it’s perhaps not frequently since bad as the one creepy guy friend–you understand the one we’re talking about–have you ever wondered what’s happening with that?

Here’s a fast consider life on the reverse side of this searching cup, with nine reasons some Japanese females just date foreign dudes.

It looks like one of the primary things every person learns in A japanese course at college is Japanese individuals hate being direct. Well, this takes that little bit of training and flips it on its ear!