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I’m Enthusiastic About These 1970s Cosmo Covers

I’m Enthusiastic About These 1970s Cosmo Covers

These mag covers — simultaneously smart and stupid, progressive and retrograde — are a definite Rosetta rock for understanding womanhood and sex within the Me Decade.

specialization is a line on niche passions, individual interests, as well as other things we possibly may understand or care a tad too much about.

Rene Russo wears a vertiginously cut dress that is blue stands in the front of the matching blue backdrop, her phrase severe and smoldering. She’s flanked by text — headlines about principal males, intercourse work, Barbra Streisand, obscene telephone calls, Telly Savalas, and John Updike.

It’s March of 1977, and also this is the cover of Cosmopolitan mag, the publication that, for many years, happens to be a standard-bearer of commercialized sexual liberation for the contemporary girl.