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China Ripoff # 4: Super-Cheap Tour Scams

China Ripoff # 4: Super-Cheap Tour Scams

WHERE: Various places (but specially trips all over Great Wall of Asia).

THE SCAM: You will get lured in by some dirt tour that is cheap exactly what do i need to lose, you ask? ). You are herded onto some dirty coach and now you’re strapped in and away from control.

Everything you don’t know is they make their funds from the commissions from most of the shops that are various just how (thinly disguised “tourist sites”).

Without any solution to return to Beijing, you must endure these marathon pit stops of never-ending tourist traps (anything from “traditional Chinese medication” to lame shows charging you admission).

How to prevent Asia Tour Scams

To avoid getting duped by the numerous China trip frauds, below are a few items to think of:

    Don’t impulsively hop on any trip and become cautious with inexpensive trips near to touristy web sites ( e.g. Forb

Other Rip-Offs and Travel Scams in China

Here are really a few other travel frauds in China that aren’t as typical but are nevertheless well well well worth shopping for: