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15 Best Social Listening Tools To Monitor Mentions Of Your Brand

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Hootsuite also allows you to follow social media influencers influencers, potential customers, and advocates. You can reach out to them to help spread brand awareness and collaborate on campaigns. You can use Hootsuite to set up social media streams that monitor conversations, keywords, mentions, and hashtags. You’ll also be able to respond to conversations or mentions immediately from one dashboard—instead of going to a bunch of different social sites. We’ll show you some social listening tools that can help you keep an eye on all of this at the end of this post. Apart from social listening, Mention lets you discover Twitter and Instagram influencers by running quick keyword searches.

Apart from collecting your mentions and allowing you to reply, Brand24 analyzes your social media reach, interactions, sentiment, and more. In this case study we hear from Jason Maldonado, Senior Manager of Social Media at Mailchimp explains how his team uses Meltwater to identify trends and themes that inform the company’s content strategy. He also discusses how Meltwater automates much of the company’s social media activity, enabling him to focus on more valuable, strategic work. Social media is the world’s largest focus group, and our platform allows you to instantly research any topic to help you understand what is driving the social conversation. Search and filter through over a year’s worth of results instantly to uncover valuable consumer insights.

Monitor Marketing Campaigns

social listening platform

To have a real shot of success, your company should be able to monitor trends and consumer behavior in their natural habitat, which may very well be on social media. Listen to the conversations they’re having, understand the terms most associated with your business, and be aware of the hashtags used and other business accounts often mentioned with your brand. By finding out who your true influencers are, you can use the tools to monitor how they talk about your brand, or what they’re saying about other brands similar to yours. If you are feeling crafty, you can also monitor your competitors’ brand names to identify their dissatisfied customers. A timely intervention could persuade them to become your customers instead.

Social Listening

We’re digital-first and can help you engage customers like never before. Keep your eyes and ears out on these platforms to ensure you’re on top of what’s hot in your industry.

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Does hootsuite have social listening?

Social media listening with Hootsuite Insights Powered by Brandwatch.

Each can deliver the results to your inbox, at the frequency you choose, and you can filter and sort the results from there. All major social networks offer to send you updates with any mentions or valuable content. In most cases, you can customize the emails you receive so that you’re getting the ones that fit your listening strategy best.

But you won’t know anything if you don’t put get your social listening strategy in place. But what about those who don’t mention the brands at all or are merely discussing general trends in the industry?

  • The tool has features that help you manage and understand social media campaigns, editorial calendars, content curation, growth, and social listening.
  • There are plenty of social media monitoring tools to help you keep track of more data and identify the most important information.
  • Oktopost is a social media management platform meant for monitoring and measuring all social media activities for B2B marketers.
  • Social listening is when you track your social media platforms for mentions and conversations related to your brand.
  • Then you analyze them for insights to discover opportunities to act.
  • Brandwatchis one of the most powerful social listening tools in terms of analytics – but it’s also one of the more expensive ones. provide ample opportunity when it comes to reporting. All of the things mentioned above can be combined into one robust and intuitive report. Generate reports with competitive comparisons, mention feeds, top influencers and more.

The new year will bring more social data and more opportunities to listen and connect with your target audience. The data is in real time, though you can also look at year-over-year trends. social media monitoring You have access to more than 50 filters to slice and dice the information, but you can also create your own rules to segment data and even customize the sentiment algorithms.

Potential Issues With Social Media Monitoring Software

The tool also analyzes impressions, mentions, and the times in which the most-relevant Tweets to your business are shared. Additionally, TweetReach helps you discover who your most impressionable followers are so you can target them with your content.

So that’s why we reached out to digital marketing and content experts to see what other strategies and tools they’re using to generate fresh content ideas. There is a lot happening on Twitter, and it would be extremely time-consuming to sift through your feed to find pertinent shared content manually. You’ll be able to quickly find the top shared social media trackers content on Twitter in your industry based on particular search operator functions. Managing brand perception in a world of social and online sharing can seem daunting. See the conversations that matter most, in real-time, across millions of online sources, in order to gain valuable insights to drive and improve your marketing strategy.

Social Media Monitoring For Pinterest And Instagram

First, let’s talk about the main differences between these two categories of social media tools. The two terms are often used interchangeably — especially since many social media tools these days have both listening and tracking capabilities — however, there are some notable differences. ListenFirst makes social social listening platform listening actionable by integrating emotional sentiment on earned social with organic and paid performance to give you insights you can act on. Can you see how you’re performing against your own historical data? This tends to be available only in higher-end products, but it may be something you absolutely need.

Measure success across a number of social platforms that are compatible with Hootsuite including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Customize paid social media campaigns with the Boost option which balances organic reach and paid advertisements to help optimize your content’s engagement. Hootsuite allows you to view and respond to all your messages, comments, and brand mentions across several social channels in a single, concise dashboard. Don’t worry about having to open specific platforms to converse with your audience either — instead, reply to anyone who commented on posts you published through HubSpot. You can also post to social from anywhere — whether you’re in HubSpot, on a specific social platform, or on another social tool that you connected to HubSpot.

Learn the strategies and tactics to take your social media marketing to new heights. If you want to test out its tools, it offers free hashtag, keyword, and account tracking. Interactive interest social listening platform maps give you a visual look at trending topics and discussions relevant to your brand. You’ll see only the most relevant conversations on Twitter, so you can focus on the data that matters.

Tailwind is an Instagram and Pinterest scheduling and analytics tool. When it comes to Instagram, schedule content to auto post, use the Smart Scheduler to identify ideal times to share content, and use hashtag suggestions. When it comes to Pinterest, schedule a week’s worth of pins in under 20 minutes, use analytics for both pins and boards, and create up to 10 pins in just one click. Mention has the capacity to track millions of content sources across 42 languages to monitor brand mentions all over the world. You can select what content you’d like to tune out so you’re only paying attention to trends that matter.