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Mister cash pay loans day. L&W Traits, a Limited Liability Company

Mister cash pay loans day. L&W Traits, a Limited Liability Company

Client Finance business is thought as making payday advances, loans guaranteed in full by specific house, short term installment loans or credit solutions what to customers through genuine storefront areas.

Purchasers for Purposes of Article VIII . Purchasers for purposes of ARTICLE VIII includes Purchasers as described inside the very first paragraph for this agreement, their parents, successors, subsidiaries, or affiliates, whether now or hereafter owned, operated or handled by Purchasers.

Agreement never to Compete and and to maybe maybe Not Solicit.

The restricted Business) owned, operated or managed by Purchasers within a 25-mile radius of any such Restricted Business owned, operated or managed by Purchasers, including current and future locations owned, operated or managed by Purchasers and not limited to the locations being acquired pursuant to this Agreement (the Restricted Area); (3) act as an officer, director, employee, shareholder, partner, member, agent, associate or principal of any entity engaged in the Restricted Business in the Restricted Area; (4) enter into any agreement, including franchise agreements other than with existing Mister Money franchisees relating to their franchise agreements pertaining to their existing franchise territory, for or to participate in the ownership, management, operation or control of any Restricted Business within the Restricted Area; or (5) solicit customers known to be customers of the Business or Purchasers within the Restricted Area in the Restricted Business, including those known to be past or present customers of the Business that they will not (1) enter into any agreement with or indirectly solicit employees or representatives of Purchasers for the purpose of causing as an inducement to getting into this contract, which Purchasers would otherwise never be prepared to do, R.